Ski Bus System Stubaital

A sophisticated ski bus system awaits guests in the Stubaital. The buses to the Valley Stations of the Stubai Glacier, the Schlick 2000 Skiing Centre, the Elferbahnen and the Serlesbahnen run in regular intervals (approx. every 15 minutes) every morning and evening. The ski buses stop at all designated stops.


For further stops and schedules in the Stubaital click here.


    from 7th of Dec to the 5th of April 2021 (Line 590)


    The ski bus stops at a total of 38 designated stops, including



    Innsbruck - Stubai *

    Innsbruck Central Station7:08 am/7:35 am8:05 am
    Innsbruck Triumphpforte / Casino7:10 am/7:37 am8:07 am
    Schönberg village center7:29 am/7:56 am8:26 am
    Mieders Gemeindeamt (Municipal office)7:33 am/8:00 am8:30 am
    Serlesbahnen skiing resort7:35 am/8:02 am8:32 am
    Telfes/7:50 am//
    Fulpmes village center / changing to ski bus to the Schlick 20007:42 am7:53 am8:09 am8:39 am
    Neustift skiing resort Elferlifte7:55 am8:07 am 8:22 am8:52 am
    Neustift village center7:57 am8.09 am8:24 am8:54 am
    Mutterberg Valley Station / skking resort Stubaier Gletscher8:24 am 8:36 am8:51 am9:21 am


    *every 15 to 30 minutes



    Stubai - Innsbruck *

    Mutterberg Valley Station / skiing resort Stubaier Gletscher3:30 pm3:45 pm4:00 pm4:30 pm
    Neustift Leisure Center/4:14 pm4:29 pm/
    Neustift village center4:00 pm4:15 pm4:30 pm5:00 pm
    Neustift skiing resort Elferlifte4:01 pm4:16 pm4:31 pm5:01 pm
    Fulpmes village center / changing to ski bus Schlick 20004:15 pm4:29 pm4:45 pm5:15 pm
    StuBay Leisure center/4:31 pm//
    Telfes/4:32 pm//
    Serlesbahnen skiing resort4:23 pm/4:52 pm5:23 pm
    Mieders Gemeindeamt (Municipal office)4:25 pm/4:54 pm5:25 pm
    Schönberg village center4:30 pm/4:59 pm5:30 pm
    Innsbruck Central Station4:45 pm/4:15 pm5:45 pm


    *every 15 to 30 minutes





    from 07 DEC. 2020 to 13 APRIL 2021


    The express bus takes winter sports enthusiasts quickly and comfortably to the skiing resorts of the Schlick 2000 Skiing Centre and the Stubai Glacier.


    Innsbruck - Stubai

    Hotel Bierwirt8:10 am
    Alphotel8:15 am
    Youth hostel8:20 am
    Hotel Alpinpark8:25 am
    Hotel Ramada8:30 am
    Austria Trend Hotel8:15 am
    Tourist embarking zone8:25 am
    Triumphpforte8:30 am
    Grand Hotel Europa8:35 am
    Cafe Central8:40 am
    Hofgarten8:45 am



    Return trip

    Stubaier Gletscher4:30 pm
    Skizentrum Schlick 20005:00 pm


    Higher Frequency of ski bus connections within the Stubai Valley


    Further stops and schedules in the Stubaital are available here.



    Stubai - Mutterberg (FROM)**

    Schönberg village center7:04 am   /      /      / 
    Mieders Gemeindeamt (Municipal office)7:08 am   /      /   8:20´am
    Serlesbahnen skiing resort7:10 am /    /   08:22
    Fulpmes village center / changing to ski bus to the Schlick 20007:15 am /    /    /   
    Neustift skiing resort Elferlifte7:24 am /   8:33 am 8:37 am
    Neustift village center7:25 am7:42 am8:34 am8:39 am
    Mutterberg Valley Station / skiing resort Stubaier Gletscher7:46 am8:09 am9:01 am9:06 am


    Mutterberg - Stubai (RETURN TRIP)

    until 7:00 pm every 15 to 30 minutes


    Changing to the Schlick 2000 Skiing Centre ski busses.

    Up to 9 buses per hour take guests to the Valley Station of the Schlick 2000 Skiing Centre from the bus stops in Fulpmes. Travel durations from the village centre bus stop to the Schlick 2000 Valley Station are between 6 and 11 minutes.


    Further stops and schedules in the Stubaital are available here.