Tyrolean Folk Art Museum

A collection of contemporary witnesses

The former Franciscan monastery now houses the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum, which is part of the five houses of the Tyrole-an State Museums. Directly next to the Court Church, this sight in Innsbruck, with its culturalhistorical collections, provides great insight into the history of Tyrol. 

Special exhibitions

Throughout the year, the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum is a delightful venue for various exhibitions, projects, guided tours, concerts, artist talks, and workshops. Of particular interest are the exhibitions on topics such as traditional festivals or the problems of earlier times, which clarify what has shaped the local population in Innsbruck and Tyrol over the centuries. A look at the diary is therefore always worth your while. 

Volkskunstmuseum Ausstellung

Nativity scenes

Though most often considered during the Advent and Christmas seasons, the Tyrolean Nativity Museum invites you to a special Nativity experience all year round. Crib art from the 18th century to the present can be seen here. More than 20 cribs made of different materials like wood, clay, wax, or cardboard are on display.

Krippe im Volkskunstmuseum

Tyrolean folk art

The exhibited Tyrolean folk art reflects the multi-faceted nature of Tyrolean culture. Art and handicrafts in various forms, impressive pieces around the issue of folk beliefs and traditions, interesting things concerning Tyrolean customs, as well as masks and Tyrolean costumes are all impressively on display. 

Alte Stühle im Volkskunstmuseum

Facets of Tyrolean Culture

With the SKI plus CITY Pass Stubai Innsbruck visitors will discover valuable cultural assets, such as historic parlours and impressive handicrafts. The historical Tyrol can be experienced up close with traditional costumes, various nativity scenes, and objects on topics, such as housing, courtyard, handicrafts, and festivals. With its extensive collection, the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum presents remarkable facets of Tyrolean culture and underlines their significance for the present. 

A special feature are the 14 panelled South, North Tyrolean, and Trentino parlours from the Gothic to Rococo periods. Of particular interest is the presentation of the "Pralles Jahr", which is dedicated to celebrating festivals and lush life, and the "Prekäres Leben", which focuses on people's worries and fears.

Opening hours

All year

Mondays to Sundays from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm

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Tyrolean Folk Art Museum
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