Axamer Lizum

Are you really wild enough?

Only 19 kilometres from Innsbruck this ski mountain asks holiday-makers: "Are you really wild enough?”. 
In the Axamer Lizum skiing resort, 40 km of well-groomed slopes across all levels of difficulty promise plenty of action. 


  • Panorama restaurant Hoadl-Haus at 2,340 metres with Photopoint
  • Panorama Kalkkögel – North Tyrol’s Dolomites
  • Ladies Olympic downhill run 

Interactive Map

Open slopes and lifts

0 / 9
0 / 9
0 / 1
0 / 6
Open Slopes open slopes
0 / 27
available slope length
0,00 km
Open Lifts open lifts
2 / 10
Ski routes
Status Difficulty Title
A Olympiabahn 23 A Olympiabahn
B Schönbodenbahn 10 B Schönbodenbahn
C Hoadl I 12 C Hoadl I
D Hoadl II 12 D Hoadl II
E Pleisen 12 E Pleisen
F Birgitzköpfl 12 F Birgitzköpfl
G Karleiten 10 G Karleiten
H Kaserwald I 13 H Kaserwald I
J Talbodenlift 13 J Talbodenlift
K Götzner Grube 13 K Götzner Grube
Status Difficulty Title
1 Abfahrt Damen
1a Skiweg Damenabfahrt
2 Hoadl I
2a Skiweg Hoadl I
2b -----
3 Riesenslalom Herren
3a Skiweg Olympiabahn
4 Riesenslalom Damen
4a Skiweg Karleiten
5 Karleitenabfahrt
5a Skiweg Riesenslalom Herren
5c Karleiten Talabfahrt
6 Schönbodenabfahrt
7 Pleisenabfahrt
9 Kaserwald I
10 Riesenslalom Birgitzköpfl
11 Götzner Abfahrt
11a Götzner Grube
12 Talbodenabfahrt
Status Title
14 Start Damenabfahrt
15 Start Herrenabfahrt
16 Mittelstation Steilhang
17 Pleisen Steilhang
18 Olympia SL Birgitzköpfl
19 Axamer Abfahrt

Weather and weather forecast - Axamer Lizum

The weather today 30.07.2021
at Axamer Lizum on 2340m

Mostly sunny in the morning, becoming cloudy during the day. Thunderstorms will be likely towards evening.

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Following the footsteps of Olympic athletes

As a SKI plus CITY Pass Stubai Innsbruck holder, you can follow in the footsteps of Olympic athletes thanks to the integrated Axamer Lizum Ski Pass. The downhill and giant slalom runs of the 1964 and 1976 Olympic Winter Games can be found at the "Hoadl". Today, ski enthusiasts can choose from a wide range of downhill runs for both leisurely and fast-paced skiing pleasures. In numerous restaurants and snow bars guests of the Axamer Lizum are pampered with Tyrolean delicacies.

The Golden Roofpark Axamer Lizum is the height of cool thanks to loads of shred action.

Two freeride checkpoints at the car park and at the Hoadl-Haus inform all powder-hungry people about safety aspects and the current conditions in the 300 ha freeride area. In the Axamer Lizum, childhood dreams come true when you feel the power of 500 hp while co-piloting a snow groomer.Night tobogganing is possible every night, and there are also ski touring events every Monday and Thursday. SKI plus CITY Pass Stubai Inns-bruck holders receive a 25% discount on night tickets. The Funslope with challenging obstacles is a highlight for the whole family spending skiing holidays in Axams.

Machreisenspitze 2,620m

A rewarding panoramic view can be enjoyed from the 2,620 metre Machreisenspitze, which is part of the impressive Kalkkögel area. The wonderful summit can also be admired from below, especially when it shines in its white winter dress. Together with the Malgrubenspitze and the Ampferstein, the impressive triumvirate watches over the Axamer Lizum.

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